”.. They did not understand what we had done!”

Bänex offers their customers a new on-site service that is faster than anyone else. After using the Easy Gripper they are able to work up to 50% faster when servicing tires on-site.


For more than 20 years Bänex has been offering Tire services and repairs. The professional division is an important part of the company, with service and repair of larger EM, OTR and agro tires. With 5 depart- ments located within 50 km around Magdeburg they offer immediate service to any customer from central to south eastern Germany.

“We wanted to offer the customer more than just cheaper, cheaper, cheaper” Erik Bänecke states. “We believe that faster and more complete service gives the customer more value”. And when Bänex discovered the Just Easy Gripper at the REIFEN 2012 exhibition, they knew just how to do it.

Full service – on-site

Having found a tool that are able to grip, move and mount tires much more flexible than other products, Bänex installed the Gripper on their new Volvo front loader, and in a container they installed state of the art compressor, tools, tire machine etc. With this setup, they have reduced their installation time for e.g. a CAT775 with 50% - allowing the users to call in the morning and be in operation again the same afternoon.

Erik Bänecke tells about their first experience with their new Easy Gripper: “On our first operation with the Gripper, at a site in Halle, changing 2 pcs 23,5 R 25 tires, the purchase department called us afterwards, as they did not understand, what we had done. We had been on-site, changed the tires without having to get assistance from their own staff or lending a forklift. Less than 2 hours later we had left the site again. They simply did not understand how we could do it”. “The fact that we do not have to be assisted by the customer’s men or machinery is really a competitive advantage. And the customer gets back to full operation much faster”, he continues.

The Easy Gripper – a safer and faster alternative

Mounting, demounting, moving, tilting and stacking of OTR, EM and Agro tires have been made a whole lot easier with the emerging of the Easy Gripper. It can be mounted on forklifts, front loaders and other vehicles. With a front loader you can on-site and in any environment mount and demount large wheels.

“The Gripper has 3 functions – It can tilt the wheels up and down, they can be rotated and the wheel can be squeezed. And being able to steer everything from the driver seat – and even see the alignments of the bolts with the camera installed in the center – you are able to save a lot of time”, sales manager Michael Jensen, from the manufacturer Just Easy Tools, adds.