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When visiting our website, we collect data about you that is used to customise and enhance our content, and to increase the relevance of the ads displayed on the site. If you do not wish such data to be collected, you should delete your cookies and refrain from further use of the website. Below, we explain what data is collected, what its intended purpose is, and which third parties will have access to it.


The website uses ‘cookies’. A cookie is a text file stored on your computer or mobile etc. with the aim of recognising it, remembering settings, generating statistical data and targeting ads. Cookies cannot contain malicious code: for example, a virus.

If you delete or block cookies, ads may become less relevant for you and appear more frequently. There is also a risk that the website will not function optimally and that you may not be able to access certain content.

The website contains cookies from third parties such as YouTube, Google, Squarespace and Vimeo etc.


Personal information is any kind of information, which to a greater or lesser extent can be attributed to you. When you use our website, we collect and process a range of such information. This happens, for example, when you click to access content, sign up for our newsletter, participate in competitions or surveys, register yourself as a user or subscriber or make use of other services.

In general we collect and utilise the following data: a unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet, or mobile device; your IP number; geographic location; and the pages, on which you click (your interests). In this respect, you explicitly consent to this and personally enter the other information to be processed: name, phone number, email address and home address. Usually this is in the context of creating a password.


We have established technical and organisational procedures to ensure that your personal information is not accidentally or illegally deleted, published, lost, compromised or disclosed to a third party, misused, or otherwise processed in a way that breaches the law.


The information is used: to identify you as a user and to present you with ads that are most likely to be relevant to you; to register your requests; and to provide the services you have requested: for example, being sent a newsletter. Additionally, we use the information to optimise our services and content.


The information is used for the period that is permitted by law, and we delete it when it is no longer necessary. The length of time depends on the nature of the information and the reason for storage. Consequently, it is impossible to stipulate a specific time frame for when information is deleted.


Data about your use of the website, what ads you receive and possibly click on, geographic location, gender and age segment etc. are disclosed to third parties in so far as such information is known. In the ‘Cookies’ section above, you can see which third parties are involved. The information is used for targeting advertising.

We also use a number of third parties for the storage and processing of data. Their sole role is to process information on our behalf and they may not use it for their own purposes.

Disclosure of personal information such as email address etc. will only occur if you give your consent to this. We use data processors exclusively from within the European Union or in countries, which can adequately safeguard your information.


You have the right to be informed of the personal information we process about you. You also have the right to object at any time to the use of information. You can also withdraw your consent to the processing of information about you. If the information being processed about you is incorrect, you have the right to have it amended or deleted. Any such request can be made to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) Lars Jørgensen. If you wish to register a complaint concerning our processing of your personal information, you also have the option of contacting the Danish Data Protection Agency.


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