“We save a man – but it is not just about saving time….”

For Flemming Brandt, production manager at Schmitz Cargobull, running a profitable and good business is more about safety and good working conditions for his team, and less about just saving time.

Schmitz Cargobull Denmark in Padborg

The Danish plant runs a bit differently than other subsidiaries in Europe. Production of spare tires for about 1500 trailers, and changes between normal, M+S and winter tires for their large fleet of leased trailers on Danish roads, is all done centrally from Padborg. This gives a flow of at least 5-6.000 tires and wheels annually. 

When Flemming Brandt started in his job, 12 months ago, unloading a truck could take 3 persons the better part of two hours. “But the guys were worn out afterwards” he explains. “So when we found Just Easy Tools online, and saw a demonstration of the Easy Stacker, it was not that hard a decision”. 

The Easy Stacker 

Just Easy Tools is specialized in optimizing tire handling processes for the tire industry – and has supplied the Easy Stacker successfully to both producers, distributors and retreaders in most corners of the world. Actually far more around the world than in Denmark. 

“So we were naturally excited to have the call from Schmitz Cargobull in Denmark” Lars Jørgensen from Just Easy Tools explains, “…as they are one of the major players on the Danish trailer market. We offered them an Easy Stacker with a special adaptation so both new and old tires, as well as inflated wheels, can be handled in the same operation” 

 “It benefits us in so many ways” 

Having the Easy Stacker installed, it proved far more versatile than they imagined at Schmitz Cargobull. “I am going to think the Easy Stacker in to our future design of the plant” Flemming Brandt states and continues: “Besides from the unloading and loading, it benefits us in so many ways”. 

Today it takes one man only 45 to 60 minutes unloading a truck – a significant improvement. Also, stacks are more even now and time is also saved moving tires in the production, according to Flemming Brandt. 

“Another example is the new tires, which are always stacked – previously on pallets, which were time consuming and unsafe. However, today all stacks are moved easily and faster with the Stacker. Also tires on pallets or in cages dances around on the forks, if the forklift hits an uneven spot. With the Stacker the tires are always in full control.” 

For Flemming Brandt - safety, profitability and quality of life for everyone at the plant - all goes hand in hand…