NEW Tyre Handler for OTR Workshops


Our first Easy Gripper Workshop with a lifting capacity of 1.000 kg (2.200 lbs) and a tilt function of 15°is a success in workshops and at assembly lines of agriculture equipment. 

With this new Easy Gripper Workshop 2T we have increased the lifting capacity to 2.000 kg (4.400 lbs), the gripping diameter to 2.400 mm (94”) and also the tilt function to a full tilt of 90° - so now we can also handle OTR tyres and wheels.

  • With the unique 3-point grip and a minimum turning radius of only 2 meters (79”)

  • Easy and safe to use – with integrated camera system

  • Precise rotation +/- 25°

  • Side shift

  • Prevent damage to tyres and rims

Christian Andersen