New tools for handling rings of OTR wheels

JET 05 i 4MB.png

Is this breaking news for the safety of future tyre change operations?

In an easy and safe way you can push, hold, grip, de-mount and mount side rings and bead seat bands.

  • Avoid accidents with injuried fingers, hands, feet, legs and even fatalities.

  • Solve problems with ergonomics. 

  • Speed up work and reduce the downtime.

Makes hard and risky work easy and safe.

See it in action on this video:

 To make this happen we have also updated the design of the Gripper, so that it can handle smaller diameters without reducing the maximum diameters.

The telescopic pipes make room for the tyre fitters, and the Grippers can now be delivered with LED light on top of the IR light in the camera system.

Christian Andersen