Tyre Service

For breakdown tyre service and planned tyre service onsite we can recommend 2 different solutions. Either a truck crane solution or a solution where the Gripper is mounted on a front loader or telehandler and brought to location on a trailer together with tyre machine etc.

In the case story from Bänex in Germany, you can find a solution with an Easy Gripper 2160 mounted on a front loader, and in the case story from Schäfer Reifen, also in Germany, you can find a solution with an Easy Gripper 2400-2T Compact mounted on a telehandler.

The size of the Gripper you need depends of course on the size of tyres you are handling.

Please contact us to make sure that you get the configuration and the size of equipment, which meets your requirements.

Take a look on the product sheets below, to give you inspiration and technical data etc., in order to find the best solution to cover your needs.



Apart from all the other benefits the above Grippers can provide, we have also developed tools to handle the side ring, bead seat band and locking ring during the tyre change operations. The tool, which can be attached at the end of the gripping pipes, grips, holds, presses or places these rings as needed.
A major improvement of safety and effectivity of hard and unsafe operations for the tyre technicians.