“... We are now working faster - and much safer!“

A year after seeing the Easy Stacker on Reifen 2012 Ants Astover finally took the decision to invest in increased efficiency in their warehouses.

Winter can be challenging

Sepa Rehv OU is Recamic retreader and their neighbouring sister company in Tartu, Hinkus AS, is one of the biggest tire dealers in Estonia. Their main focus is on retreading truck tires, selling and servicing other tires. They know what it takes to run a warehouse efficiently and organized in order to stay competitive. Both companies are now using the Easy Stacker 1200.

The tough winters in Estonia make it especially crucial to have an efficient organisation; „If the winter does not come as expected we can have serious challenges“ Ants Astover explains, and continues „So the Easy Stacker also helps us to respond faster in these situations where the activity is peaking.“

Easy to use

Once the decision to invest in the Easy Stacker 1200 was made, it was promptly supplied by the dealer for the Estonian market, Awre OU.

And it was received well: “It was exceptionally easy to get used to the new Easy Stacker,“ 36 years old driver Roman Samsonov explains, and continues; „usually a new attachment can be quite hard to get used to. The operation might be rather difficult and it takes months of training. With the Easy Stacker 1200 it was different. It took me about a week to learn how to operate it. It was really easy.”

„I will be happy to recommend it – call me!“

Having used the tool for 6 months, it has proven to give Sepa Rehv OU and Hinkus a number of advantages. Mr Astovers explains; “ Loading and unloading takes now about half the time comparing to before. Moreover, handling of tires is now much safer - before the stacks often fell over when using the forks for unloading.“

„Also, now only 2 persons are needed when loading the truck or warehouse with truck tires. We are saving at least 50%,“ he states with a smile. Now his companies can sell more tires and service more customers. They do not need to worry about safety and tires running loose in the warehouse.

“I am very happy to recommend the Easy Stacker 1200 to any retreader around the world. Feel free to contact me on the following number: +37 25 159 279“ Arts Astovers concludes