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”Now they won't work without it!”

Vulkan Dæk A/S started using the Easy Stacker in May 2012. Since then they have experienced increased efficiency of up to 25% as well as better working condition when handling Truck Tires.

Vulkan A/S

The roots in the family business goes back to 1963, and Vulkan Dæk A/S are today one of only four retreaders left in Denmark. They have expanded their business during the last years and the focus is today on the production of retreaded truck tires (Ringtread).

With more than 31 years in the business, and the last 18 years as the manager and owner, Henrik Nielsen is well aware of the combination of motivated staff, well organized processes and use of new technology needed to make a profitable business in the retreading business, with only 11 employees. This is why he took the decision to buy the Easy Stacker.

Unloading and inspecting

The Easy Stacker has proven to give Vulkan Dæk A/S a number of advantages when unloading, inspecting and sorting out tires. “After a bumpy ride, the stacks often fell over when unloading with normal forks – now we can grip the whole stack without it falling over and causing extra manual work” says Henrik Nielsen. “Also the processes of tilting the stacks, re-stacking and placing the tires in the stock, is much faster”. However, one of the added benefits of using the Stacker is more room to move around after unloading a truck as all tires are quickly stacked taking up less space in the stock.

25% time saving

“Overall, using the Easy Stacker have given us at least a 20-25% time-saving on handling tires” Henrik Nielsen sums up. “But also, the Stacker is just great at sorting tires” Jakob Davidsen, one of Vulkan Dæk ́s experienced forklift drivers breaks in, “Most often the stacks are mixed and with the new Stacker you easily sort them out in different stacks – there is absolutely no comparison to how we had to tilt over the stacks with the forklift before, and sort them by hands”

An even bigger benefit

But repeatedly, talking to Henrik Nielsen about savings and economy, he points out “The economy is not the most important benefit using the Easy Stacker - I finally decided to do the investment when I realized how it could relieve my employees and help them stay healthy at work.”

Handling or stacking tires of around 80 kg per tire, is a hard job and occasionally a tire “run wild”. Using the Easy Stacker have made the job easier, reduced the strain on key personnel and the risk of accidents. “While they were a little reluctant at first”, Henrik Nielsen adds, “Now they won ́t work without it”