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”... Two men are doing the work of four, in half the time...”

Marc Graas discovered the Easy Stacker on Reifen2012, and 6 months later he decided to make an investment in better working conditions for his staff, and in improving efficiency.

Graas Pneus

Running a family business, Marc Graas, as his father before him, is dedicated to the customers’ needs. For him it is important that they really know their customers and their needs. Graas Pneus is locally based and easily accessible from the highway, which is an obvious advantage for their customers, who mainly come from Luxembourg. To stay competitive it is important with a focus on both the working conditions for the 30 employees as well as efficiency. 

“As 80% of our volume is truck tyres, the Easy Stacker was the obvious choice for us” Marc Graas says. “all though it took some months to take the decision to invest, we have certainly not regretted it”. As typical for many family businesses, Marc Graas has grown in the now 35 years old company, since he took over in 1997 with focus not only on the commercial side – but also on being able to provide good conditions for his employees.

Like playing

When receiving the forklift installed with the Easy Stacker, it was just like a new toy for 29 years old forklift driver, Tiago. “ It was really easy to get used to it” he says about the Easy Stacker and continues: “Also, it has really changed the way we load and unload tyres – it is much easier, especially for the guys not driving the forklift. Actually we are only 2 persons now when loading the trucks – before we were at least 3 or 4 people”.

The Easy Stacker was delivered to their normal forklift service provider, he installed it just like they wanted. So only a few weeks after ordering the device they were seeing the effect of the tool:

Two men doing the work of 4, in half the time...

“Well, it really did have a tremendeous effect” Marc Graas explains. Where they used to be 4 people using at least 1,5 hours for loading a full truck, they are only two persons, and now they can do it in 45 minutes – a saving of at least 75%. “We have not done any calculations on the payback time” Marc states. “But it doesn’t really matter – my staff is really happy with it, the work is safer and less strainfull – and as a bonus they even work much faster now”.

“So, all in all it has been a great investment” he concludes.