“ … Using Easy Stacker 1200 have brought us significant savings on human resources…”

Petter Kristensen learned about Easy Stacker 1200 back in 2015. When he realised what problems he experiences in case the company has to service many customers at the same time, he came back to us.

Gummiservice Larvik AS

Gummiservice AS was established in 1934. It is known as a reliable partner who has great respect among tire dealers in Norway. With 12 full-time employees and turnover around 4 million Euro per year, Gummiservice is one of the big players in the market.

As Petter Kristensen says, “ Gummiservice and our family had always been two sides of a coin. Tom Reinert and Petter Kristensen is the third generation of Kristensen who run this company. 
“The long history of family business makes us proud for what we do and who we are,” says Tom Reinert Kristensen. 

Easy to use and install

Once we decided to invest in the attachment, Just Easy Tools supplied us swiftly with the Easy Stacker 1200. The tire stacker was packed very well, easy to assemble and install on our forklift. 
In fact, it took us only a day to make it work. As our forklift driver says: “I got used to it very fast. The remote control is easy to use. Also the outlook from the forklift cabin is excellent.” 
Petter Kristensen, the Account Manager ads up: “ It has really improved the way we work today. Besides, the major problems connected to lifting, handling and stacking heavy truck tires and wheels are now reduced.”

Working more effective 

The biggest advantages of the Easy Stacker 1200, Petter says, are: ”we do not need to operate our stock with three people, only one forklift driver is needed. We save lots of space inside also outside the warehouse because we stack the tires ergonomically. We load and unload trucks very fast.” Now it takes about ⅓ of time comparing before. Generally, I can say:” The Stacker enables companies to be much more effective on daily basis.”