About safety


Working safely around tires

Just Easy Tools are lifting tools that improve the working environment and safety.

DS/EN ISO 13849

The mechanical engineering sector has deferred working in accordance with the stringent safety standards contained in DS/EN ISO 13849, which means the standards will not be introduced for several years to come. At Just Easy Tools, safety occupies pride of place, and we are therefore using this future standard.

The Easy Gripper 2160 and Easy Stacker 1200 are (cf. DS/EN ISO 13849) designed in accordance with the high standards of "SRP/CS category 1" where all control components must be both thoroughly tested and extremely reliable. The requirements are so high that generally recognised PLC, processor technology and hydraulic components do not possess this high reliability. Just Easy Tools has therefore had to find new ways in this important area as well.


Necessary and suitable tools for professionals

Professionals protect themselves from potential injuries by using suitable equipment with the accompanying instructions for use. Prior to the Easy Gripper 2160, there was no suitable equipment, and the work tasks were therefore solved by a random combination of, for instance, trucks, crowbars, wheel carriages and additional equipment.

The Easy Gripper 2160 fixes a tire securely so that it doesn't get caught/overturn in the rim machine. The Easy Gripper 2160 fixes tires weighing several tons in place during the hub assembly when mud guards are often in the way.

How do you make the work safe if you have to use hand tools on large tires which haven't been fixed in place? The Easy Gripper 2160 ensures a fixed grip around the tire, with or without a rim throughout the work process. If The Easy Gripper 2160 fixes the tire in place, it cannot move unexpectedly on either the rim or the hub. Crush injuries causing permanent damage can be effectively minimised by the use of a suitable tool.

Professionals in the tire industry, agricultural industry, commerce, mining industry and other industries involving large wheeled machinery will be delighted at the new standards offered by Easy Gripper 2160.


Think health

These are eliminated with the Easy Gripper 2160 and Easy Stacker 1200, with the hard manual work being carried out much quicker and more safely by hydraulic systems. Many back injuries are caused by employees having to work beyond their capability and being overloaded, and/or being in dangerous situations where large wheels are on the point of tipping over.

The Easy Gripper 2160 and Easy Stacker 1200 are lifting tools which improve the working environment and safety!