One of our big global OEM customers has taken down their overhead crane system at their assembly lines to implement the Easy Gripper Workshop and the Easy Gripper 2160 to mount the wheels on combines and tractors. They are very happy for this decision for reasons like safety, effectivity and flexibility. Further, it is planned to reduce internal damages with about 90%, and they strongly recommend it to other manufacturing plants in the group.

The Easy Gripper Workshop is also ideal for workshops, where you don’t need the full 90°tilt function.

It is delivered as a “turn-key” solution together with the re-built electrical stacker, but if you want to source and re-built the electrical stacker locally and to mount the Gripper yourselves, then this is also possible.

Solutions for assembly lines can be customized.
We have even worked on solutions to mount 27.00R49 on dump trucks.
You are most welcome to contact us for discussions regarding your requirements.


Warehouse and shipping departments

The Easy Gripper 2160 is ideal for handling big tyres and wheels in manufacturing plants for agriculture equipment. Loading, unloading, stacking on stock and internal logistic become easy, fast, safe and without damages from forks or hooks or other handling devices.

The same goes for OTR tyres and wheels, but then you need a bigger Gripper like for instance the Easy Gripper 2400-2T or the Easy Gripper 3100-4T.