Tyre manufacturers and dealers

If you handle tyres for trucks or buses or other tyres with a diameter between 550-1200mm (22-47”), then the Easy Stacker 1200 might be a great tool for you.

It is ideal for casing dealers, retreaders, new tyre manufacturers and for tyre dealers.

The Easy Stacker 1200 is optimized for stacking, loading, unloading and other handling operations. It fits into trucks and containers, and you can organize your warehouse and logistic without pallets.

Further, if you have a lot of manual work with stacking, loading and unloading, then you will save so many working hours that the Easy Stacker 1200 will be a great investment for you with a very short pay-back time. And on top of that, you will get a much better and safer environment in your company.

If you stock sets of tyres and wheels for personal cars, then the Easy Stacker 800 might be interesting for you. It can place the sets of tyres with a safe grip and with very limited space between the stacks of tyres. 
So if your racking allows to place the sets of tyres close to each other, you can get a very effective use of your warehouse.


For tyre companies dealing with tyres for agriculture or OTR, one of our Easy Grippers might be a good solution.
The 3-point grip provides a very safe grip without any deformation or other damages of the tyre.