Easy Gripper 3100-4T

Professional tools for handling of OTR/EM tyres up to 33.00R51


Ideal for:

Open Pit Mines
Tyre Manufactures / Dealers
Tyre Service


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Unique 3-point grip
Tilt function 90°
Precise rotation +/-25°
Prevent damage to tyres & rims
FEM IV/V, Terminal Vest & loader attachments
Customization available






Save time. Improve safety.


Tyre service of OTR/EM

Developed for safe and efficient handling manipulation and service of large OTR tyres and wheels.



With a gripping range of Ø3.100 mm (122”) and a lifting capacity of 4 ton (8.800 lbs) at a CoG of 600 mm (23,6”), the Easy Gripper 3100-4T handles tyres up to 33.00R51. When handling full wheel assemblies as inside duals, the Gripper handles up to 27.00R49 tyres.



The version of the Easy Gripper 3100-4T with the 90°
tilt function is ideal for use on forklifts.



Front loaders and telehandlers

The Compact version, as the Easy Gripper without the tilt box, is a good choice if the carrier can provide sufficient tilt.


Truck cranes

By use of our crane module, the Gripper can also be fitted onto almost any truck crane system.

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Standard features

Unique and safe 3-point grip
Avoid accidents
Avoid deformation and damages of tyres
Avoid damages of rims and of the equipment

Centerplaced Integrated IR-camera system
For optimal view and orientation

Precise rotation +/-25°

Tilt function 90°, horizontal to vertical

Optional features

Quick Shift System
Easy hook on and off. Shift between Gripper and forks in less than half a minute.

Easy shift of gripping pipes for various purposes
Telescopic pipes for long reach or 2 tyres handling

Tools for handling rings, to help tyre technicians with the hard and dangerous work
Can easily be attached at the end of the gripping pipes
Can push the tyre and can hold and place the ring

LED working light

Multiple Integrated IR-camera system
For even more comprehensive and precise handling of tyres and rims.

Customization on request


Open pit mines & quarries

Reduces down time and improves the safety for the tyre technicians. See also the tools for handling the rings, when mounting or dismounting tyres.

Tyre manufacturers/dealers

For use in tyre production, warehouse, loading and unloading. Gentle and safe handling – horizontal and vertical.

Tyre service

As stationary solution in open pit mines or as mobile solution mounted on front loader, telehandler or truck crane.


Handling of tyres and wheels from unloading to warehouse and assembly lines. Mounting of wheels with tilt, precise rotation and camera system.




Technical specifications

Technical Data

Lifting capacity:

Tyre diameter:
Standard pipes:
Telescopic pipes:

Requirements to forklift or stacker

Lifting capacity:
Pressure min-max:
Return pressure:

Explanatory description

(A) Cog Gripper
(B) Face of Gripper
(C) Cog Load1
(D) Cog Load2

Easy Gripper 3100-4T

3.000 kg (6.600 lbs)
4.000 kg (8.800 lbs) at (C) from (B) 650 mm
2.600 kg (5.720 lbs) at (D) from (B) 1.300 mm
1.530 - 3.100 mm (60-122”)
Ø 180 x 900 mm (7 x 35,4”)
Ø 180 x 1.700 mm (7 x 66,9”)
FEM IV / V / Terminal Vest / Loader specific


Individual calculation
12 V supply / 10 A
1 double acting connection
150-250 bar (2.175-3.626 psi)
max. 10 bar (145 psi)
max. 50 l/min. (13 gal/min.)


1.510 mm (59,4”)
1.640 mm (64,5”)
2.240 mm (88,1”)
2.940 mm (115,7”)

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