Straddle Carriers, Reach Stackers and RTG cranes run on rubber tyres and with a very high inflation pressure to handle the big load of containers.
Tyre explosions and/or accidents with locking rings have caused very serious injuries and even fatalities.
Safety is therefore a very important issue in all container terminals around the world.

Major improvements of safety procedures can be achieved by using an Easy Gripper, and at the same time tyre service can be carried out with just one or two operators – and faster than usually.

The Easy Gripper 2160 has a lifting capacity of 1 ton (2.200 lbs), and this is sufficient for handling the tyres and wheels of the Straddle Carriers and of some of the Reach Stackers.

If your port uses RTG-cranes, the weight of a tyre and wheel assembly is usually between 1 and 2 ton (2.200-4.400 lbs), and then the work can be done by an Easy Gripper 2400-2T.