Tyres and wheels for the agriculture are much lighter than OTR, if they are not filled with water or equipped with extra wheel weights.

The tyres and wheels are usually lighter than 1 ton (2.200 lbs) and this means that our smallest versions of the Easy Grippers will be sufficient.

If you want to mount our Gripper on a forklift, you can use the Easy Gripper 2160 with the tilt module.

If you want to mount our Gripper on a small front loader or telehandler, with sufficient tilt function, then the best choice is the Easy Gripper Compact, where you save the tilt function in the Gripper, improve the center of gravity and get a much more handy solution.

With one of these solutions you can make all your own changes of wheels and tyres. You can do it without any assistance, with a high degree of safety, very fast and easy, you don’t need a clean and solid floor, and you can even do it in the field, where the loader will take you.

If you handle weight above 1 ton (2.200 lbs), you will need our Easy Gripper 2400-2T